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Biom Paris ouvre son capital !
Vous souhaitez soutenir le développement d’une entreprise durable et audacieuse :
– qui crée et commercialise des produits éco-innovants, fabriqués entièrement en France.♻️ 🇫🇷
– qui innove dans le domaine du hardware en réinventant les objets du quotidien.
 Votre engagement, c’est nous permettre de développer notre gamme de produits pour la salle de bain et agrandir notre équipe commerciale.
L’aventure a commencé avec un balai brosse WC, construisez la suite #ensemble ! 🙌
Retrouvez-nous dès maintenant sur Tudigo  et devenez notre associé.e.
Rejoignez l’aventure #BiomParis !

Optimal efficiency, minimal environmental impact

Biom Paris reinvents everyday objects, with an ecological and Made in France approach. bbb La Brosse’ is the first eco-designed toilet brush in the world.

The design of our toilet brush, inspired by nature, allows it to reach previously inaccessible areas, under the rims and at the bottom of the toilet bowl (the recessed head of the brush is reminiscent of a duck’s beak… WC!). Drainage is facilitated by the inlaid veins (as on the leaves of a tree) for an anti-drip system.

Our brush is bristle-free: its double-sided design and its spikes of different lengths offer optimal rubbing efficiency and reduce the amount of cleaning products used.

Eco-designed & sustainable

bbb La Brosse’ is the product of an eco-design approach and a desire to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible throughout its life cycle, from raw materials to recycling.

Made from recycled and bio-sourced plastic, our toilet accessory wears less than a traditional brush. As it is really designed to clean toilets, its shape will not be altered during use.

‘bbb La Brosse’, the everyday toilet brush, is different from silicone brushes, but it reproduces the advantages of silicone brushes, thanks to the 120 pins moulded with a material based on beet filament waste, allowing our toilet brush to always remain clean, while being efficient.

Our brush is not designed to remove limescale, this one has yet to be invented! To remove limescale, use vinegar ! It’s good for your budget and good for our environment.

Bio / Éco-design

bbb La Brosse‘ actively contributes to better toilet hygiene. It removes dirt in every nook and cranny, both at the bottom and under the rim of the toilet bowl. The brush is easy to use and stays clean on its base, without the risk of spreading germs all over the room.

The holder can be placed on the floor OR hung on the wall, the choice is yours !

The holder has also been designed to be more practical: thanks to its tongue, it is easy to handle and its hook allows it to be hung on the wall to make cleaning the toilet floor easier, making it a wall-mounted brush. You can find all the explanations in the FAQ page on how to hang up the holder.


Our office at Sport France, Biom Paris is lucky!

Marie-Pierre and Philippe MARTINI, the managers of Sport France are exceptional people. Thanks to their unfailing support and generosity, we have a warehouse and offices at our disposal. An exemplary example of solidarity that warms the heart!

Sport France is a company that designs, manufactures and markets sports equipment for stadiums, sports arenas, gymnasiums, community, athletics, swimming and children’s playground equipment for communities. No need to say that everything is Made in France, it has been in the company’s DNA for more than 35 years!


Another crazy month for Biom Paris, with the “Salon du Made In France”

Biom Paris participated in the MIF expo, the exhibition of Made in France, which has just closed its doors (08/11 to 11/11/19). We were present on two stands, including that of our partner, the Coopérative mu and that of our accelerator Village by CA Brie Picardie. A show which, year after year, proves that the interest of the French is growing for French manufacturing!

It was again 3 crazy days, full of exciting meetings with our customers, old and new, and interviews! In particular, we appeared on CNews in 2 programmes, “Le carrefour de l’info” and “La matinale week-end” (report by Anthony Favalli), on France Inter (8 o’clock news), as well as on a web TV set with Anthony Vittorino from Origine France Garantie.. We were proud to be again on the MIF Expo to present our new model based on Sargasso algae..

For the 2020 edition (from November 6th to 8th at La Porte de Versailles) we have already reserved our stand!

‘bbb La Brosse’ on France 5 !

Thomas Isle and Maya Lauqué presented ‘bbb La Brosse’ in their show LA QUOTIDIENNE on Friday 27th September!

Audience and atmosphere always at the rendez-vous in this beautiful show, full of practical and useful advice.

LA QUOTIDIENNE is a programme devoted to new forms of collaborative, solidarity or economic consumption. The presenters are surrounded by columnists and they are interested in initiatives and experiences in these areas.

To watch it again it’s HERE !

‘bbb La Brosse’ on M6

May 2019, a month of strong news for Biom Paris! We presented ‘bbb La Brosse‘, our drip-free toilet brush, at the 2019 Paris Fair.

We had the chance to be followed by a team of M6 for several days. The report was broadcasted on a Sunday and brought us a lot of visitors the next day. With our team, we lived strong and unforgettable moments.

To discover : see the program 66 Minutes Grand Format 


Biom Paris at the Paris Fair!

12 crazy days at the Paris Fair! From morning to night, our team presented and demonstrated ‘bbb La Brosse’, the first eco-designed toilet brush in the world, which effectively cleans encrusted marks!


Biom Paris will be at The Paris Fair again in 2020 ! 

Yes, we loved meeting the public at the Paris Fair in 2019, so we’re coming back this year!  With demonstrations of ‘bbb La Brosse’, the first eco-designed toilet brush in the world, which effectively cleans encrusted marks, but also show our new products, such as the towel manufactured in the heart of Paris! And the Tracia hair brush, which La Brosserie Française Bioseptyl that we are going to sell. And also show the public with what, how and with whom we make our products on a screen.

We are waiting and hoping that the show will take place in July as announced by the direction of La Foire de Paris. https://www.foiredeparis.fr/


Stéphane Plaza’s favorite

Stéphane Plaza, the famous M6 host, discovered ‘bbb La Brosse’ with wonder at the 2019 Paris Fair. As a result, ‘bbb La Brosse’ was elected ‘Coup de coeur de Stéphane Plaza’. Thank you!
He even brought it and presented it during theL’invité Capitale show on France Bleue, presented by Laurent Petitguillaume.

Who will be the godfather or godmother of La Foire de Paris this year? As soon as we find out, we will let you know his or her name.

La Foire de Paris is the largest innovation and novelty centre in Europe, gathered in one place for 12 days on the outskirts of Paris.

The 2020 Paris Fair will take place from 30 April to 11 May at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. We will be there, and you?



The drugstore for the products of the past, present and future.

Find our products at LE BHV MARAIS in Paris!

Our ‘bbb La Brosse’ are sold at the department store LE BHV MARAIS. The store is located in the heart of the historic Marais district, next to the Paris City Hall.

We regularly organise demonstrations, check our website for dates!

The next date is Saturday 7th March 2020. It’s an emblematic place where you can stroll around and discover products you didn’t even know existed.

Biom Paris is very proud and happy of this partnership. If you wish to meet a professional and friendly team, the advisers of the drugstore department at -1 are always available and at your disposal.

For decades, the LE BHV MARAIS drugstore has been the only point of sale that offers so many references.

You can find everything there! And LE BHV MARAIS is even open every Sunday from 11am to 7.30pm.

Otherwise by internet, you will find the most stylish bazaar on the web : https://www.bhv.fr/c/bricolage


The adventure begins in the wonderful world of toilets with ‘bbb La Brosse’: the first eco-designed toilet brush in France, designed for optimum efficiency and maximum comfort. Manufactured in France and successfully financed by 
a pre-sale campaign on Ulule in December 2016.

How do I use ‘bbb The Brush’? Discover the answer in video.

Discover the secrets of its manufacture and our advice on how to use it.

And that’s not all, with our ‘bbb La Brosse’ you can help save water and toilet paper! How?