An innovative offer

Discover our innovative and complete offer for the world of toilets. From the sale of our ‘bbb La Brosse’, recycled or bio-sourced, through a bio-degradable descaler, to the makeover of the toilets, we can help you to embellish the place, raise awareness among your users and save money while reducing the environmental impact.

A relentless expertise

With our expertise in this universe, we wish to transform this often neglected place of passage into a unique place that makes you want to go there. We still spend more than 2 years of our life there. We believe that if the toilets change their look, the users will have a new look, will pay more attention and the place will stay cleaner.

Toilet Makeover

Biom Paris, for example, offers an innovative concept of makeover, with seven themes to choose from for the company that wants its employees to feel good, right down to the toilet. 🙂

Thanks to Biom Paris’ offer, companies and their employees will participate in an innovative, responsible and sustainable way of life, at the service of mankind, the environment and Nature.

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