The bbb brush : an innovative toilet brush

The bbb brush is a technological innovation on all levels. New means of production, new materials, a new organization, and above all, a new product! New features deliver better cleaning and respect for the environment. Sustainability is one of its strengths!

Working with the MU Cooperative which conducted an ecological design study, we identified several parameters in advance that we sought to minimize such as weight, nub size, choice of materials and more. We can also each contribute by using gentle cleaning products, such as white household vinegar. Many of our clients today no longer even use cleaning products. The bbb brush stays clean and should any grime remain, simply remove it by using the toilet bowl rim. Look at the next tab. The video explains everything!

Using the bbb brush - This video explains everything

A new tool used in a new way for better cleaning! It may take you a little time to get the gesture exactly right. We recommend you scour energetically ! 

For optimal results, if there are traces of your passage, clean with the brush from top to bottom, right to left !

On dry remains that were not previously cleaned, use the brush dry. To remove any grime that could remain on the brush head, plunge it into the toilet bowl and flush. When you pull the brush out of the water, tap it against the rim several times before replacing it in its base in the right direction. The logos on the handle and the base should be placed in the same direction.

This brush should not be used to remove old lime scale. Our brush is a tool to keep your toilets clean.

bbb the brush packaging

Here’s some info from our partner: the cardboard packaging can be reused and recycled. You can use the cardboard in the yard. The water-based inks and non-treated cardboard can be used for mulching. Further, earthworms love corrugated cardboard which is perfect as they will increase soil aeration.


How to hang the base (attaching on a wall)

The bbb brush is designed to be installed both on the floor and on the wall.

For wall mounting and on all our models, there is a hole on the back of the base. Simply put a nail in the wall and hang the base.

Some of our customers add a hole in the vertical direction for greater stability. Other clients hang it in a corner and wedge it against the wall, so it doesn’t move.

A lot of thought went into deciding not to provide screws. Half of our users do not hang the base. They set it on the ground. It’s unreasonable to provide screws that only half our customers will use. Further, the type of screw depends on the type of wall.

We quickly decided against supplying screws that would not be appropriate for everyone in every situation.

Our clients explain it best. Even when it comes to hanging !

“I drilled a hole 21cm from the floor with a 6 mm drill bit which matched the diameter of the screw anchor used. This height left around 11cm between the brush holder and the floor.

I then screwed in the appropriate screw – here a 40mm long screw with a 5mm diameter – and left a few millimeters between the screw head and the wall.

The final step was to position the hole on the base over the screw head and to push down gently. The brush container is thick enough so there’s no risk of breaking or splitting unless you jump on it once it’s attached.

BBQ: Beautiful and best quality”

Jean-Jacques DIDNIK – Les Sables d’Ochre Hotel

Cleaning the bbb brush

Remove any dirt or paper from the brush head by plunging in the toilet bowl and flushing. If necessary, rub against the toilet bowl rim to clean it. When you take the brush out of the water, tap it against the rim several times before placing it in the base in the right direction. The logos on the handle and the base should be placed in the same direction.

We recommend using white household vinegar to clean the brush and its base. It’s more mindful of the environment than specialized products you may find in stores.

Toilet cleaning tips

Use white household vinegar. It’s economical and better for the planet!

Its virtues are widely recognized. Clean your toilets efficiently and ecologically with baking soda. Sprinkle into the toilet bowl and add vinegar. The mixture will foam up. Then scour the toilet bowl with the bbb brush. You can also use a mixture of 2/3 water to 1/3 vinegar.

Source : https://www.linfodurable.fr/conso/comment-utiliser-le-vinaigre-blanc-alternative-durable-aux-produits-menagers-industriels

Do not use the brush with hydrochloric acid.

Nubs with no material (hooking points)

You may notice that small areas of the bbb brush – the sides and/or middle – are not covered with material. This is the result of a technical, molding constraint. It is of no consequence for the bbb brush’s use over time. No worries, our toilet brush is durable!

Look of the Base

The use of recycled or bio-sourced materials can sometimes lead to slight irregularities in appearance. At Biom Paris we choose not to throw these out as that would disregard our ecological footprint.

The base’s solidity and durability are not compromised.


We reuse the bag supplied by our partner factory in Buttencourt to pack and protect your bbb brush for shipping. We are currently looking for alternatives to this bag. Until we come up with a new solution, please reuse it!

The new solution must be durable, reusable, cost-effective and sourced locally. We are open to suggestions!

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