Our Clients Speak Out

The users of ‘bbb La Brosse’ are our best ambassadors!

“Your products are in this line: efficiency thought globally! Your toilet brush is revolutionary. Easy, always clean (paper doesn’t get stuck on it!)… It’s unheard of! You had to dare to revisit and tackle such a glamorous product! Bravo for these visionary thoughts that upset the established order! Long live BIOM PARIS” 

J.A - April 2020

“I received my 2 bbb brushes today, and I tried them out right away. I’m super happy with the results. Finally an effective brush, which cleans everywhere (in all the nooks and crannies). But at the beginning, I totoned a little to use it well, but after several tries, I think I took the blow.

Thank you very much for thinking of a brush that works and stays clean.” 

M.L - April 2020

“I’m a user of ‘bbb the brush’, convinced from the very beginning of your adventure. Bravo !

One question: are you planning to design a small waste bin, also suspended, for the WC on the same model?

Take care of yourself”!

A.R - March 2020

“Thank you very much. That’s perfect. And thank you for the spirit and quality of your products”.

F.L - March 2020

“I’m absolutely conquered and delighted with my purchase! The bbb Brush embodies exactly what I’ve always been looking for in this type of simple product, but which is nevertheless used on a daily basis: an ingenious, hygienic, efficient, stylish and eco-responsible product right down to the packaging! Not to mention the real crush I had on the sales team, who were able to surprise me by sending me an order for a model in a colour I had fallen in love with and thought was out of stock! Great company, great team and great initiative ☺️ Thank you Daniela ! 

T.J.P - March 2020

“I received my order and it was on time and I thank you for your follow up. Your brush is perfect”. 

F.F - February 2020

“I placed an order on your site and I’m delighted”!

K.N - February 2020

“We have received the package on time and thank you. The order conforms to the description and the brushes exceed our expectations.

We will not hesitate to talk about it with our friends and family”.

D.T - January 2020

“I received my brush this afternoon, I’m conquered! I also went home and tried it on! I appreciate its design, and the big positive point is that it doesn’t splash, unlike classic hard bristle brushes! 

I used white vinegar spray and a dash of eco-friendly scrubbing cream. The brush cleans better than a regular bristle brush. For what remains clogged in the bowl I will use vinegar and let it act and for the bottom of the bowl, maybe hot vinegar to let it act at night…

Thank you for revolutionizing toilet cleaning !!”

A.B. – December 2019

“I just received, the 2 brushes I ordered with the promo code and they are already adopted! I plan to recommend 6 of them to my friends and family in the next few days for delivery in Montois la montagne”. 

C.D. – September 2019

“I’ve already bought a BBB the brush at the BHV. I am fully satisfied. This new purchase is to introduce the product to other people. When I find a product that is interesting, innovative and respects certain values, I like to support it and help it to become known”. 

J.P. – August 2019

“I got my brush today, and rushed home from work to try it out. I have to admit that I’m pleasantly surprised, and what I appreciate most is that not a single drop fell off. Not only is it very practical and made with recycled products…👍
What can I say…well bravo 👏 and keep going… »

M.R. – August 2019

“The brushes work very well and we’re very satisfied.”

R.J. – August 2019

“Quick delivery, thank you and happy with the great product.”

A.B. – July 2019

“Thank you. Reactivity […] speed of delivery, it’s perfect! I just praise the merits of your brush. It is absolutely in line with the advertising! »

H.V. – July 2019

“… the toilet brush is great! First very conclusive test 🙂 Bravo ! »

N.G. – July 2019

“I won’t hesitate to advertise because I think your toilet brushes are great.”

B.C. – June 2019

“It’s eco-designed and that’s super important, then it doesn’t scratch, it’s practical, it’s pretty, it’s clean. The flat pimples of different sizes are efficient and allow for good cleaning. The base is nice and the rim makes it easy to catch. Finally a toilet brush thought and studied […]. In short, I am very happy with the BBB. »

I.H – June 2019

“First of all, bravo and above all, thank you! »

E.S – June 2019

“I couldn’t have pleased my wife more, who had been dreaming about it since the Paris show […]. Your, our brush is breathtaking and a delight to use. »

S.C. – May 2019

« bbb The Brush is fantastic ! »

D.B. – May 2019

“Very practical and efficient brush head tip to clean dirt!  »

R.L. – May 2019

“I thank you very much and confirm my total satisfaction after using your brush.”

C.V. – May 2019

“Against all odds at the unpacking: it works! We really like the new seaweed version of St Malo! Keep on innovating! »

M.P.G. – March 2019

“We’ve already got two and we’re planning to buy a third.”

E.B. – January 2019

“The grip is great to avoid putting drops everywhere at the exit of the brush. I love the wall mount for vacuuming and mopping.”

A.C. – December 2018

“We bought the brush in the spirit of simply supporting innovative research efforts … We are now using it as a replacement for our classic brush. Congratulations! Certainly it is organic but also very effective “

Olivier G. – November 2018

“There’s a good overall consistency in the product…. Thank you BIOM for the quality of the product “

Olivier S. – November 2018

“I own the bbb brush and I’m very happy with it! »

Laurence A. – October 2018

“Ah! The curved end, what an innovation.”

Marie D. – October 2018

“I’ve been using it for a year now, it’s great! Long life to Biom “

Alice S. – September 2018

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