An Innovative Offer

Discover our innovative and complete offer for toilets. Whether it’s the sale of our recycled or bio-sourced bbb brush, by way of a biodegradable lime scale remover or the makeover of your rest rooms, we can work with you to beautify this space, to raise awareness with your users and to help you cut costs while reducing your environmental impact.

Uncompromising Expertise

Our expertise in this domain allows us to transform this often overlooked yet necessary space into a unique and desirable place. After all, we spend more than two years of our lives there. We believe that users would view rest rooms differently if they changed in style. Users would be more careful and rest rooms would stay cleaner.

Restroom Makeover

Biom Paris offers an innovative makeover concept with seven themes for businesses who want their employees to feel good right down to their toilets. 🙂

With Biom Paris, companies and their employees take part in an innovative, responsible and sustainable way of life, for humanity, the environment and nature.

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