The Story of Biom Paris

Sandra LEGEL

Sandra LEGEL

Founder & CEO of Biom Paris

A toilet brush as a standard bearer for her startup, only she dared !

“Inspired by Nature and the real needs of users, we want to actively participate in the emergence of a new eco-industry.”

Because innovation should not be limited to technology alone, Sandra Legel founded Biom Paris in March 2016. Her startup’s ambition is to reinvent everyday objects, the “leftovers from innovation”. Because nature has always been able to find solutions to problems, Biom Paris draws its inspiration from it to reinvent everyday objects.
It reinvents the codes of the classic industry by drawing inspiration from Nature to design innovative, designer, more functional and more environmentally friendly everyday objects made in France.

Convinced that natural resources are exhaustible and that a new, more responsible mode of consumption is the condition for the sustainability of humanity, she wants to use the techniques and knowledge we have today and put Humanity and Nature at the heart of innovation.

An entrepreneur at heart, her leitmotiv is sharing. Sandra dares and invests the glamorous world of toilets with bbb La Brosse, the first product in a wider range to be developed for the bathroom, kitchen and all other rooms in the home. Her ambition is clear: to optimise the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of all those objects that we use every day without seeing them anymore.

In her daily life, Sandra Legel uses a toilet brush, just like everyone else. She wonders about its efficiency and environmental impact: why does the classic brush only clean part of the toilet bowl? And why are only 100% petro-sourced plastics still used to make it? Why do all these drops of water filled with germs fall on the rim and on the floor? How can you avoid having that dirty feeling even after cleaning? Is there a Made in France toilet brush ? Is there ? So, she starts her research and goes to see closely what is sold in the shops. She buys, tests, compares brushes from all over the world. Several observations and many beautiful promises… She decides to surround herself with a mixed multidisciplinary team of designers, engineers, graphic designers, and many others, in order to concretize her sketches of a toilet brush that will meet her expectations – and yours.