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Sandra LEGEL

Sandra LEGEL

Founder and CEO of Biom Paris

No one else would have dared use a toilet brush as the standard bearer for a startup!

“We are actively participating in the emergence of new green industries by looking at users’ real needs and drawing inspiration from nature.”

Not wanting to limit innovation to technology alone, in March 2016, Sandra Legel founded Biom Paris intent on reinventing the day-to-day objects passed over by innovation. Inspired by nature which has always found solutions to problems, Biom Paris redefines everyday objects.

Sandra breaks with classic industrial traditions and looks to nature to rework everyday product design in ways which are innovative, attractive, more functional, more mindful of the planet and made in France.

Convinced that natural resources are not infinite and that more responsible consumption is an essential condition for ensuring mankind’s future, Sandra looks to accepted techniques and knowledge for innovation centered on humanity and nature.

A born entrepreneur, her leitmotif is sharing. Sandra daringly took on the glamorous world of toilets with the bbb brush, the first in a wide range of products to be developed for the bathroom, the kitchen and all the rooms in the home. She ambitions to optimize the efficiency of the everyday objects we use without thinking and to reduce their environmental impact.

Like everyone, Sandra Legel uses a toilet brush every day. This led her to question its efficiency and environmental impact. Why does the classic toilet brush only clean part of the toilet bowl? And why are only petroleum-based plastics used in its production? And why do all these germ-infested water droplets fall on the rim and on the floor? And why does the toilet bowl still seem dirty after cleaning? And is there a toilet brush made in France?

And? Sandra began researching what was sold in the marketplace. She bought, tested and compared toilet brushes from around the world. After much observation and many empty product promises, Sandra put together an inclusive cross-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, and graphic artists among others to transform her toilet brush sketches into a real product that could meet her expectations and yours.